On the Road

So finally I am on the road again. A new road lead me closer to my dream. A road that will take me to a new platform, a new world and new life. I expect that will give me a new vision about life itself and what I really want and love to do for the rest of my life.

Just as the best way to  start a far trip, you just book the air flight then everything will follow this. I call this push yourself on the road,at the begining point,then you will move on. Just donot hesitate and think too much.

So this time, first good start point is that I paid the GMAT fee then you have to prepare for the exam,and I did prepare and take this exam. This action push me on the corner of give up or move on to apply the MBA program. You have to decide which way you should go.  As for last several year, the idea to attend the MBA come into my mind for neary fifty times, you just do not have a very clear opinion and want to think mor about this.  This will waste your time and have no good feedback. I always told myself,let me think about this, MBA is very good while blabalabla….I just sit there and talked without any action. I have to change this and here I am.

So get the GMAT score,but it is not high enough.  You could just wait and tell yourself I should get a higher score then I can decide whether I should apply MBA.

Well, this time, I just do not want to wast more time, I want the real action to push myself to the application stage. So I come to the CD MBA workshop today. This is my first time to attend so call the training program and this is the first time I invest so much money just for helping me to apply a better school with so many classmate together.

I do hope this will help to better understand myself. The reason why I am here and Where I want to go.

Just be brave and move on!

Everyting will be OK.

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