It is the second time to attend CD workshop.

Today’s topic is How to write a good essay and how to find the matter.

Probably I should find some time to list all the thing I have done from childhood, good or bad thing, personal or professional. Tell the stories to my friends and collect their feedbacks to decide which stories I should use to illustrate my different apect.

And the most important part for this self-defintion is about Why?

Why I become the person I am today?

Why the stories I tell is important to me?

Why I want to purse a MBA degree?

The fact about What is important while the reason about Why is more important. It will help to find the original inner force that push you move on and the passion you follow.

Frankly speaking, I still can not figure out my real passion for life though most of time I will think about this topic and I realize it really matters to one’s success if I do not apply for the MBA.

It is always hard to follow your heart or the passion.

The good news is that after nearly four years lost for the direction for my life, it seems I can seize this opportunity to re-shape my life and gain the passion and energy.

Nowdays, I feel that every day is very precious and do not want to waste even one second.

I hope at the end of this year, good news will show on my blog.

Life should always have a new page if we keep moving on.

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