Quick notes about life

Time flies! Only one month before the final exam…some quick note about my MBA life at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Startup at L.A.

It seems L.A. pays more and more attention on startup environment. If you are serious enough, you could find more and more resources  about startup, accelerator, incubator and tech summit. This Friday night, I attended a event named Sawtelle Tech, they invited a angle investor David Lee as the keynote speaker to share his experience and opinion with us. 10 People have the chance to pitch their ideas in 1 minutes in front of him and other peers. It’s a great experience to merger into this vibrant environment and meet with so many people who share the same interest to start up their own company. I am lucky to be here.

Compared to SF, New York,Seattle and Austin, L.A. still need to improve this environment for entrepreneurial, and attract more and more talent to come here to make this startup ecosystem better.

Next Month, I will travel to SF, and I believe it will even more attractive.


Feng Xiaogang Imprint Ceremony

It’s lucky to be here and witnessed the first film director from mainland China giving his speech and accept the glory for his imprint ceremony in this Film Kingdom.

It’s also the first time to be so close with the movie stars and the director.


West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

It was Halloween week!! It was reported that there were more than 100,000 people attend the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. The biggest Halloween parties I had ever been…..Next year, I will well prepared for this.  So many people dressed up and amazing the people around them.


Anderson Halloween Party

In a auto museum! I saw the car used by Batman in the movie! So Cool!


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