Los Angeles Hiking||Temescal Canyon Trail


Could you find me in my picture?!! haha!

Finally I walked on the trail again! I should have know that I would be happier as long as I was on the road than locked myself in the room.

There are so many things to prepare.  We have pre-assignment even before school, pre-reading before class, preview before quiz in class, preparation before middle term and now before final exam. Preparation will never disappear as long as we still have something that we really care, you know what I mean…..internship and full-time for the short-term now…….but we can not always live in the  “preparation  mode”.

Sunday, Sunny Day! Let’s walk on the road and enjoy the sunshine, shine into our hearts and warm our hearts.


Type: Round trip

Time: 2:40 Hours

Distance: 7 Miles

Level: Beginner

Star: 6/10

Starting point: cross road of Temescal Canyon road and W Sunset Blvd

Park: Temescal Gateway park

Main View: Skull Rock, Huge Cholla









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