LinkedIn Business Operations MBA Intern interview


Actually it was my first formal interview for MBA Internship. It was always a tough time for every first time.

My Interviewer is the Senior Director of Business Operations at LinkedIn. The interview process is quite simple.

At first, the interviewer would told you how will we spent the coming 45 minutes, just give you a brief introduction about the interview process.

First, the interviewer introduced himself and the Business Operations team. ( Internal Consulting was his words)

Later, he asked me to go through my resume and asked two or three question about my resume. But the way he asked the question makes me a little confused. Maybe I just get used to the way people ask you about your leadership, teamwork, time management, conflict stories and so on. The interviews questions seemed a little strange, it made me hard to use my stories. I even couldn’t remember the questions.

Then, we moved on to the case questions ,which made me mad, although it was a easy case question. I should know how to break down this easy case question.

You are the VP of the Sales in a five star hotel ( assume Four Season). The CEO comes to you for a solution to improve the occupancy rate of the hotel as the hotel faced a challenge situation that that are not enough people come while the competitor’s occupancy are relative higher.

Last, he gave me chance to ask him about whatever questions I wanted to ask. I raised two or three questions, then time ended.

Frankly speaking, the first round interview was not hard including the case. Maybe it’s my first interview, I felt nervous. I guess I wouldn’t be invited for the second round.

Move on! Hope Next Time, I would do better. 

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MBA Life Brief update


第一周收到的都是拒信, 于是去Parker CMC哭诉去了。 Regina很给力,几乎安排了每一天和我见面,帮我改cover letter.后来又拉进Qilin, Phil 以及Sally进来帮忙. 之前并没有特别的感受到Parker CMC的给力, 可是这一次真的有些感激, 仅仅是为了让我最后一封给Amazon的cover letter显的质量高一些,尽了很大的力人力来帮忙. 改后的cover letter确实比我自己瞎折腾的好的太多了.

第二周开始收到面试通知, 麦肯锡, LinkedIn, Symantec. 不过最终还是决定不去McK面试了,左思右想, 从天灵盖想到脚底板, 似乎我也不是consulting的人。Consulting也坚决不会是我热爱的工作啊。眼下还是瞄准了Tech公司的职位, 可惜PM亦或者 PMM都很难,我们这种纯sales背景的人在美国找工作还真不容易。最擅长的嘴皮子都被卸去了一半, 其他勉强能撑起台面的估计面试后也就是挂的命了.

下周面LinkedIn, 下下周Symantec. LinkedIn 收到的职位是Business Operations, 有事Consulting扎堆的地方, 不知道这一关过不过得去. 这两天开始看LinkedIN的产品和资料和理解等,希望能够对它多了解一些,能够准备一些问题。 可是或许许久没有认真准备面试了, 上一次还是一年多年的MBA申请,如果把Behavior question的都忘记的差不多了。又要开始新一轮的准备!

说实话,并不太看好Intern 申请的前景。


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It begins again

It begins again just as several times ago.

It happened when I applied for summer intern when I was in college….

It happened when I applied for the full-time position when I was in college….

It happened when I applied for b-school one year ago…

It happened now…..

But eventually I, and also the other MBA students, will get our own offer……

One year later…..

Some are lucky, they get the return offer from the companies…they don’t need to worry about full-time jobs….

Some are not so lucky, they still need to apply again, and go through all this application process again…..

But eventfully, I hope all of us will get our dream offer for intern and full-time.

By the way, today I received the Not-Invite-letter from Workday and Apple…well….that’s what I wanted to say in my blog…haha……

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Why You Should Hire Michael Shou


Why You should hire Monster Shou

You may wonder why I should hire Michael Shou when you go through my resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. If you still couldn’t make the decision and want to offer me a chance to know more about my candidacy for the position, you may find it worth your time. Everyone has some memorable moments in his or her life, and those moments define the person. You may find some interesting things about them when you look into those moments, which may be mixed with tear and hope, or fear and depression, but eventually we all go through those moments and become the person today. We are not born to be a great person, we choose to be a better person. The choice we have made makes the better person today. I firmly believe that if we don’t choose the life for ourselves today, we will be chosen tomorrow. Not only my professional competency, but also the aspects from my personal life makes me the excellent candidate that you are looking for with a great combination of professional and personal aspects. If you want to know more about me, you could watch the presentation or visit my personal website

You can watch the presentation through the linked blow:

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