MBA Life Update-2/6/2014

I was a little depressed this week as I was struggling to find my MBA summer intern. It seemed that everyone put most of their energy for intern interview, including me. Most of the students, I guess, still hadn’t got the offer yet, except the IB and Consulting guys.

Actually, I got interviews from LinkedIn, Symantec, Visa, NetApp and HP. Linkedin didn’t invite me for the 2nd round for their Business Operations, and Symantec didn’t invite me into the 2nd for their product marketing manager positions.

Monday I interviewed on the phone with NetApp for Product Management Intern;

Wednesday I interviewed with Visa for Global Solutions. ( Parker CMC Video conference interview…a little strange…)

Thursday I interviewed with Symantec for their Information Management PM intern;

Friday I will interview with HP Enterprise Security Product Marketing Intern.

Too tired this week, and I am not sure if all those interview wouldn’t bring me good news, what I gonna to do in the coming months. Maybe will spend more time on off-campus recruiting, but it seems that off-campus it’s hard to find the focus and it’s also hard to measure your effort, I mean ROI of your time. While the good things is that you could always find a startup for summer intern if you don’t care too much about the salary. The bad things is, if you didn’t find a good summer intern, it will still hard to find the full-time offer later this year.

Sometimes I would wonder about my current status, what am I really wanting now? Do I still want to pursue my career goal or I just want to find a summer intern in a big tech company, and don’t care too much about the role or my long-term career development. Facing the challenge of the fierce competition for the summer interns, I, and also most the other students, already give up our original career goals, and all we want at this moment is a confirmed summer intern offer. Then we could move on to study, social or even do some thing else that would be interesting.

For me, I do want to build up some tech skills and know more about startup and entrepreneurial opportunity, but for a safe choice, I would love to do my summer intern in a big tech company. But the summer intern staff seems that distract all my attention.

I don’t think it’s a good status now.

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