Birthday Dinner, Offer and California Driver License

–Birthday Dinner  03/10/2014

Thanks for all the people who came to my birthday dinner. I felt so glad that you could come to celebrate my birthday. I haven’t celebrate birthday for years. I will become one of my best memories in Anderson.

Also, thanks for the girl who called me to sing “Happy Birthday ”for me. I will remember the moment even maybe we couldn’t be together at the end of the day.  Maybe there is always something and someone in our life that we couldn’t change and keep, even we try our best.

–California Driver License 03/11/2014

Finally I passed my behind the wheel driving test. I got the California Driver License.


–Summer Intern Offer 03/11/2014

Finally I got my official summer intern offer from HP. I will be in Sunnyvale for the summer as the Product Marketing Manager Summer Intern at HP Enterprise Security Product.

Life is getting better and better now.

I should be happier than before.

I will get my MBA degree.

I will find a job in U.S.

I will find my love.

Go Monster!

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Amazon PM Interview Case Questions

Just interviewed with Amazon PM Interview for the first round. On Phone.

Two 30min back to back phone interview.


-Introduce your self in 60 seconds?

-Why Amazon?

-Do you have a time that use a creative way to solve a problem? Dig in…Dig in…

-Tell me about more/detailed information about XXX.( one bullet point on my resume)…dig, why….

-Do you have a time that  you need to set up a new process? What kind of purse? How? Why?….

Case Questions:

-You are the PM for Amazon App store, now Netflix wants to charge $7 dollars for every user that download the apps on Amazon App store. What would you do?

-You are the PM of a Trader department for Video games.( A second handed video game online market). You have lots of competitions, cloud-based service, rental service, and internal competitions). A company that just release a brand new games. Some of the users want to sell their video game on the platform. How much would you spend in order to acquire the video games?

What kind of information, how do you approach? How do you decide the price?….

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[zz]2014 Susan Miller for Piesce 2014

Your birthday year starts out magnificently. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is currently touring Cancer, a fellow water sign like yours, in your house of true love. This means Jupiter will be in an ideal position to help you find lasting romance from now through mid-July 2014. You’ve not had Jupiter’s help on such a grand scale for years. Now that you are the celestial favorite to find love, you must make this period count!

If you meet someone now, you are likely to be well suited to each other, the relationship would have the power to continue for an extremely long time, very possibly forever. You’ve hosted good fortune Jupiter in this position since June 25, 2013 without interruption, so in those past months you may have seen some exciting developments in matters of the heart. If not, more chances will come during the first half of this year. Be willing to be part of this trend by being open to meeting and greeting others, and by expanding your list of “qualifiers” in your ideal mate, too. When Jupiter comes by to visit, he tends to bring a few surprises, so the person you may fall in love with now may be nothing like the ideal you had in your mind, but much better!

You may have already met the love of your life and are dating that person now. In your case, you may have confessed your love and promised exclusivity for each other and may already be engaged or will become engaged or married soon.

If you are feeling left out, here’s what may have been the problem. Jupiter moved into your house of love on June 26, 2013 and was in strong, powerful orbit until November 7, 2013, when Jupiter shut down for a rest, by going retrograde, a weakened state. If you feel that Jupiter has not been helpful to you in the love department, it is likely due to Jupiter’s recent weak orbit since November 7. The good news is that from March 6 to July 16, Jupiter will be moving in a sure, strong, direct pace—and that changes everything. Make a concerted effort to circulate socially during that time and you should be pleased with romantic developments.

If you are seriously committed or married, you may now deepen your love. You may decide to have a baby, or to adopt a child. If you already have children, in this coming year, they will likely make you proud, for they will do well! March through most of July will be among the strongest, happiest months for matters related to love and children. If you have been disappointed by an inability to conceive, do careful research to find the right specialist, and book your appointment with that doctor soon.

This year will also be a banner time for finding your artistic voice and finding an ideal setting for your talents. Your creativity will blossom in exciting ways during the first half of 2014, so make sure you work hard on perfecting your craft from March 6 to July 16, the time Jupiter in Cancer will work hardest for you. Emphasize your strengths, and identify the conditions you need to succeed. You will be offered many projects, but seek assignments that will allow you room to grow and that will lead you directly to where you hope to be, for you are starting a trend that will last many years.

The new assignments you receive and complete in the first half of 2014 may or may not be the highest paying ones you’ve ever been given, but they will be some of the best to establish yourself in a new arena, and for creating a future. As you develop your new body of work, whether for yourself, or for a client, your finances will increase over time—have faith that this will happen. With eclipses in Aries and Libra, it is too soon to see your income rise substantially. Often in life, compensation lags behind a show of talent, but sooner or later, things do equalize.

The series of eclipses in Aries and Libra that will continue to happen in 2014 and 2015 may put a drain on your finances. It may be that a close family member may depend on you for financial support, or that a venture will require more time and money than you anticipated. These are only two of many possible examples.

A trip to a foreign country or to a distant city in your own country may come up for you once Mars enters Scorpio, from July 25 to September 14, 2014. During this period, your very best time to plan a fun vacation would be during the last week of July or in the first week of August. You may decide to travel for business instead of having a purely personal trip at this time, and if so, you’d still enjoy the trip and the new setting you find yourself exploring in the few hours you get of free time.

Keep your eye on the end of 2014 for the most exciting uptick in career success that you’ve seen in over a decade! To put this extraordinary statement in context, you will find that during the first nine months of 2014, your creativity will be lauded and the right assignments will come to you that will allow you to shine.

Once Mars tours Sagittarius for the first time in two years, from September 13 to October 26, 2014, you will see accelerated progress, and you will be viewed by VIPs in a new light. Your career will have grown to a special tipping point where you will be able to aim for the stars.

During the phase from mid-September through most of October 2014, if you have played your cards right (and it seems you have) and you have put in a consistently superb performance, you will be considered for a very high status position, one larger than you’ve ever taken on before. Take career offers seriously in those autumn months, for you will be laying the groundwork for a very big professional future.

Just as Mars leaves your professional sector, the new moon of November 22, 2014 will fall in the same high-status career house as Mars visited earlier. Take note of the conversations that come up and the emails you receive in the days that follow that new moon. Any seeds that you plant at the end of November or very early December will set the pace for the entire year to come.

New moons are fiercely important, for they begin a new trends and open doors. They bring exceptional opportunity too. You need a new moon in your career house, and by George, you will get one, on November 22, 2014. All new moons are powerful in the two weeks that follow it, with the strongest energy beaming in the first days (and then gradually declines as you go further away from the new moon.) The universe is speaking very clearly here—earlier, in mid-September through most of October, you will have important talks about future career opportunities. In December, talks reach an important, serious stage.

After the new moon of November 22 arrives, your workweek will become very busy with phone calls, meetings and so forth. That new moon appears in the same week as the US holiday, Thanksgiving (November 27) but nevertheless, you will see much career activity going on then. It will be vital that you stay close to home during that time so that you can take full advantage of career opportunities that surface then. Keep your computer with you at the end of November if you do travel, and keep your phone powered up too.

Incredibly, there is more career news! Saturn is poised to enter this same sector of your chart–your tenth house of fame and honors–on December 23 for the first time since 1985 and will remain in this house until December 2017. Saturn will get you ready for an important leadership role, and one that comes with considerable responsibility and power. The decisions you make, and the endeavors you launch at year’s end will likely be in your life for at least the coming 14 years, and more likely forever.

Being that the autumn will be very important for professional activity, polish up your resume and have it ready to show no later than early September. You will need to dress as though you’ve already won the big job, so get your wardrobe ready too. This will be an exciting time for you!

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MBA Life Update-2014-03-01-Love


自己有些渐渐失去自己,有些控制不住自己,而明显告诉自己,不应该投入如此之多,却还是义无返顾的投入去爱她.  原本以为继五年前失恋后,就不太会那么爱一个女孩,有些爱无力的感觉。可是却在出国读书的时候,竟然会重新有这种如此爱一个人的感觉。这种感觉简直就是一种魔鬼般的冲动,毫无理性可言,有时候连自己都觉得太过于放纵自我。放纵自己毫无节制的去爱一个女孩.

可是渐渐感觉到自己有些受伤了。自己无数遍的告诉自己,付出不一定有收获,但是每个付出的人,其实都会期待有一定的收获的。而之余我,我想收获她爱我的心. 这是我最大的收获,也是我疯狂爱她的动力。我希望她也能够爱上我,真心全心的爱我。我知道当一个女孩真真爱一个男孩的时候,那个男孩会是最幸福的。而此前,或许男孩需要苦苦的不断的承受各种怀疑,挫折,与不安去追寻那个女孩,去找到女孩的爱. 而这并不容易.


十二月份放假时,她一起在加州的时光无疑是最快乐开心的日子!每天一起到处玩,吃,接送她去和同学练case等等。每天有她陪伴的日子真的是无比的快乐!可一月初她回去后,自己竟有些失落与思念. 而这种思念却与日俱增。强大到已经严重影响了自己日常的学习生活,几乎是无时不刻都会在思念她。

每周 花时间给她写一两封情书寄过去。每天不时的就想和她联系给她微信。时不时的总希望打电话给她。她如果没有回音,自己便会难过和胡思乱想. 或许开始回去的时候她未开学,所以一月份和二月初其实还是相对正常的经常沟通之中,偶尔也互相爱你爱我,感觉也是很甜蜜。 可是不知道从什么时候开始,自己似乎是着了魔一样的会疯狂思念她。她不给我晚安,我就无法好好睡觉。她一天不给我回微信,我便坐立不安,情绪极差,不想任何事情,面试也不想好好准备. 我似乎无时不刻的想去和她确认,核实,她到底也爱不爱我。

而这样的状态终于在情人节的时候达到了顶峰。我的各种胡思乱想,想她会不会爱上其他人,想是不是那边也有人在追她,想她是不是已经不喜欢我或者讨厌我,想她为什么总是不给我即使回短信,想她为什么几乎从来不怎么主动关心我,想我们之间的对话,总是没有太多亲密的感觉(至少在那些天里….) 我的盲目与无理性,导致了我把最微小的细节扩大化,而忘记了其实她也对我很好的时候。虽然第一她飞过来主要应该是来玩。可是第二次去芝加哥前先飞到LA看我,第三次放假后直接飞到SF,然后和我回LA,一起待了半个月等等,都是她这么远飞过来看我。而每次刚回去的时候也会想我,在飞机上做梦还梦到我,也时不时的会想我. 可我怎么把这些忽略了,而只是盯着我觉得不舒服的地方呢.

确实,她说不想让太多人知道我们之间的关系, 想保持秘密恋爱的方式。其实只有她最好的闺蜜知道我们在谈。或许就是因为这一点,而让我总是有不安感不确定感,和偶尔时不时的怀疑的心态。因为自己不够坚信吧。而由于自己的这种怀疑与不安,总是把自己的情绪扩大,总是把她偶尔忘记的晚安,或者偶尔不太及时回我的信息,进行自己的解读,从而加强了自己的不安和怀疑,和有些情绪的不稳定.而这时一个恶性循环过程,终于导致我直接打电话给她,希望要个正面的回答。这或许确实惹她不开心了。而且我选择了一个她刚结束了一个非常糟糕的面试体验的情况下。我确实进行了安慰,但是也不应该在这个时间点进行由于自己情绪所需的对话。当然效果非常不理想,弄的大家都不太愉快。致使她说了,或许我们还是不是很适合吧等之类让总计反倒更加不太安定的话语.

就像她说的,她其实并没有想好,或者并不想太细想这个问题。而学习什么一忙,她就压根不想过问这件事。而这样朦胧暧昧的关系,或许之余她就是最轻松和没有负担的。她不需要承诺什么,也不需要为什么将来负责。只是轻松而愉快的保持关系。偶尔的问候和情话。当然她确实知道我对她的态度与对她的一片真心,她一直都知道。或许只能让时间和机缘来决定我们的未来了。因为未来实在有太多的不确定性,你如何让一个并没有完全成熟的二十多岁的女孩去如此勇敢的承担之后所面对的一切不确定性呢. 所以站在人家的角度想,她这样的选择和态度其实是非常合理的。而我也并非总是那么多的抱怨,我是否应该也有所庆幸。她只是选择和愿意与你保持这样的关系,保持潜在的对未来有可能的方式。而最终能够走到最后,其实不管是如此的秘密的恋爱,或者都不算恋爱/ 或许是情人,还是真的向天下都宣告在一起的恋爱,最后能不能在一起,都是天意和缘分。








P.S. 其实自己都知道有种历史重演的感觉,曾经也有一个女孩,自己如此那般的喜欢。直到她在电话那头说了“你不能爱的失去自己”。过度的爱并不一定能换来爱,或许过度的沉迷反倒给对方增加压力。那个女孩最后离我而去,虽然时隔一年多后又来找我,却早已找不回当初的感觉, 最后还是各奔东西。那时你也觉得她是如此的美,你沉浸在自己对她的爱情和欲望里,而不能认清自己. 你时时的思念她,感觉你无法承受失去她的痛苦。可是你还是失去了她,而且当她回头的时候,你都无法说服自己再和她一起. 而如今你却又如此这般的爱上了一个女孩,你或许也可能会失去她,你还是会像多前年的那般痛苦一回,如果你继续如此毫无节制的爱她. 这一次,是不是应该吸取教训。




留一些 爱自己




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MBA Life Update-2014-03-01- Intern



还有三周,本学期就结束了! 回想这学期,过的还真是有点浑浑噩噩. 心思都用在了实习寻找上面,其他事情都七零八落的不怎么过问. 学习上面也基本没有怎么用心。



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MBA Life Update-2014-03-01- Dream

最近好久木有更新博客了,都在微信上快速而短暂的记载了自己的一些事情,有些冷落了博客. 可是其实这里才是家,才能不断的保持自己的事情和经历。谁知道微信能够活几年,而自己在微信记录的所有内容是不是也会随着微信的消亡而消失了。我想绝大多数人都不可能把微信上的内容都复制到博客或者其他社交平台的,用一个社交平平台就留那些信息在平台上,换一个社交平台便重新再创建一份。其实这也是我之前一直考虑的社交平台的公用性分享性与个人信息独立私人留存性的冲突。或许将来会有更好的解决方式吧.

最近两个月其实事情格外的多. 个人感情,生活,学习与工作都在不停的往前推进,也在不同层面遇到了各种问题. 记录一下,权当以后的回忆.

一, 梦境. 摘自webchat


一夜梦又无数 梦到爸爸妈妈和亲朋好友 梦到了青山环抱的家 一会和妈妈在抱怨为何小舅在我家门前建了个大房子会挡住视线也挡住家门的路 一会梦见妈叫我去看门前池塘边的小花 却已被人摘走 一会梦里发现青山不再 绿水不流 焦黄的山地残留零星的树木  家孤零零的在山脊 一会梦到自己又想去爬山 或许想家了 他们都开心的准备在家过年了 而卧长这么大 第一次缺席


1, 梦到和十岁前的小伙伴爬树摘邻居家的沙梨,还真是沙梨,妹的,梦里一直在洗梨子里的沙子!


周一晚上 梦到了自己在梦里哭泣 或许压力太大了 白天抱头痛哭或者找个人相拥而泣是不是都显得自己毫无抗压能力.

周二晚上梦到自己和另外一个朋友坐在一艘长长的木船中间 船头似乎有人在唱歌, 然后船沿着山路从山坡下飞驶过去,在梦里体验了过山车的感觉. 有梦到自己倒了一个大城市,在一个豪华的酒店参加聚会。却屌丝装备木穿西装,在酒店里找电梯想出门去至少买个衬衫,然后外面又开始下大雨。

2014. 2.6

昨晚梦到了在大阶梯教室上课,教授讲着讲着指向了坐在我身后的一个老人,老人像是掩藏失败似的逃出了课堂。我还发现了另一个原本不该坐在教室里上课的人。然后又梦到一个小岛,有大片的沙石地面,很多人在做游戏, 很是欢快的样子。我也走过去,不料我踏入了一片只有女人的地盘,他们似乎在庄严的跳舞,似乎在祭祀或者祷告什么. 她们警告我赶紧离开,否则阿拉(反正是什么拉)女神会惩罚我. 我心里想着阿拉不是真主么?然后只能离开,走上了一条小道.


最近最神奇的梦,在梦里梦到自己在梦里做梦,还把同一个梦梦了四遍. 一,第三层梦境,前半段有些模糊了,也就是在打斗奔跑,最后一段两人护送一样积极珍贵的东西,逃进一个密室,后又被发现,密室里有一个棺,后爆炸,心里寻思这下死定了。和小伙伴在最后一秒通过密室的边门跳出去,在爆炸中我们跳在了断崖之外,海水上空,夜未明,貌似暂时选在空中慢慢的靠近海面。再待认真看海面的时候,发现海面的反面,是老家清晨,路上的一滩小水,只要跳进海面,就回到寂静无人的小路。二,第二次梦,我带领小伙伴重新返回梦境,在寻找梦的入口,最后发现是屋里灰蒙蒙的镜子可以重新进入梦境。 第三次梦,我在梦里觉得这梦太好玩了,所以用笔记下来,梦到自己喜欢的女孩,和她讲这个梦,用她的名字拆开成梦里的两个人,边写边梦里一遍。最后发现在梦里也还是梦,女孩并不在我身边,梦里异常伤心. 第四次梦,我把两个老人带进了梦里。梦里的四次梦,差不多的故事,不同的人,不同的结局。第一次梦密室里貌似其实是悟空和八戒护送唐僧的遗体,遭妖怪追逐后躲进密室,后密室爆炸。两个老人的故事最后是在路边劳累死去,可是却在另一个世界被佛祖复活,出现画面让这一世界的亲人勿伤心。在梦里的梦里醒来很孤单和感慨,以为自己倒了现实,却发现还是在梦里。真的醒来后发现窗外是洛杉矶的骄阳,才确认自己回到了现实。但是回想梦中的故事和人,依然会有些感慨失落,感觉过了好久好久。梦里确实比现实精彩,只要本色演出.

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