Amazon PM Interview Case Questions

Just interviewed with Amazon PM Interview for the first round. On Phone.

Two 30min back to back phone interview.


-Introduce your self in 60 seconds?

-Why Amazon?

-Do you have a time that use a creative way to solve a problem? Dig in…Dig in…

-Tell me about more/detailed information about XXX.( one bullet point on my resume)…dig, why….

-Do you have a time that  you need to set up a new process? What kind of purse? How? Why?….

Case Questions:

-You are the PM for Amazon App store, now Netflix wants to charge $7 dollars for every user that download the apps on Amazon App store. What would you do?

-You are the PM of a Trader department for Video games.( A second handed video game online market). You have lots of competitions, cloud-based service, rental service, and internal competitions). A company that just release a brand new games. Some of the users want to sell their video game on the platform. How much would you spend in order to acquire the video games?

What kind of information, how do you approach? How do you decide the price?….

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