Memory for Seven

The Number I love and Regret

Bring me the Happiness,Leave me the Regret.

Show me the Sunshine,Force me the smealy side.

Smile    rush to my eyes

Tear     cry into my heart


Memory for Love

Like bird     in the blue sky.

May not catch      in hand

But once     pass your window


Life, full of uncettainty

Too young   to navigate toward the destination.

Too inexperienced   to tell the flight course.


Love,  passion  mixed with  actuation.

Too young to feel hearty appreciation.

Too inexperienced to figure the future


We should love each other   More

We should love each other   Better


We shouldn’t have    Memoried the love.

We should have    Cherished Love,and Life.



Life & Love@ 2009.7.7

Love is rememberable,

thougth sometimes it is not available.



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