Merry Christmas 2012

Festival Season, Christmas and New Year.


While it is obviously that my focus is still on MBA application.

Write emailsl to alumnus, book the interview time, prepare interview questions, polish the essays  for R2 application. It seems there all lots of things to do and it is endless, as you could never tell yourself that what you have done is enough to get the interview ticket or even the enrollment. There would always be someone that is harder or smarter than you. What you can do is try you best, while I am always very lazy.


I wrote emails to my classmates, who now pursued their MBA degree in US, to write the support letter for me. Maybe it would be helpful or maybe it is just a waste of their time, I just want to improve the possibility to get in a better MBA school.


My previous boss and life long friend, Steve, told me: All I havd done today will be paid off in the future.  2013 will be the crossroad year of my life.


I do believe so.


My whole life is a good sample that prove the education investment  will be paid off.




Wait for the Big Day.


Michael Shou

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2012.12.21 Fly from Being to Shanghai

2012.12.21 The last day of the world as expected by the Maya.

I am in Beijing and have stayed here almost one week for the contract of my biggest deal this year. While things is complicated and it seems already out of my control, and even out of my boss’s boss’s boss control.

Monday night, we were three persons to talk about this deal and negotiated with our partner to close the deal within this year. On the next day, one flied back to Hangzhou and another flied back to Shanghai yesterday, letting me alone here to strive for the final result.

Tomorrow is not the last day of the world, but it do be the last day of the deal.


Besides, I will conduct a mock interview with a UCLA students in Beijing, and later fly back to Shanghai late afternoon. If the Maya is right, maybe tomorrow night I would not back to Shanghai, the pilot would  definitely fly to Tibet.


Maybe everyone will remember what they will do tomorrow. Even it is not the end of our world, most of the people, I think, would ”celebrate“ the big day in their own way. I firmly believe most of the people expect this day for such a long time since they saw the movie’ 2012” One of my  friend even take our most of her cash and book a fly to Hongkong tomorrow, she would definitely enjoy the shopping those days.


To me, I will remember this Big Day, even it seems to be a flat Friday!

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Getting Better

Though I was little upset two weeks ago that Duke didn’t invite me to the interview stage, things seem to get better as I have received the interview invitation from UT Austin McCombs and UCLA. Austin and Los Angeles both are exciting and innovative cities in U.S.


Now I have to better prepare my interviews. It has been such a long time since the last formal interview when I was still in the college, preparing for the job-hunting interview. It reminds me the days years ago, and now I will be on the way to a new chapter of my life.

Dreams will come true. Hold On, Sun shines.

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大半夜翻东西, 翻到一个黄色的信封, 里面厚厚的一叠, 不知为何物.

地址是之前东家的地址, 邮政编码是之前的旧号码, 至少是两三年前的信了。



明信片的字还是那么的漂亮, 又熟悉, 只是感觉有点遥远


那些地方, 那些人, 那些事,



记忆的图片里, 没有我自己,

像是做错事的小孩, 躲再角落里不敢出来;


哪怕是你的影子, 一闪而过,都扯的心生疼。




2007年的6月30日, 我在那个男孩心中是那么的重要。

已经过去两年了, 又是今天,

我仿佛听见那个男孩再说:"亲爱的缘, 祝你生日快乐!"


一本相册, 没有任何的合影, 都是复旦的一景一物, 从第一次见面的五教门口(那天我还很傻的拎着个西瓜), 到在复旦一起去过的各种地方. 每张照片后面都有她的一段话, 像是在时刻提醒我, 似乎时间欺骗了我们, 过去并不像那么的遥远. 如今深夜看来, 还感觉仿佛昨日. 可是, 亲爱的, 竟然已经过去5年半了. 看着这些照片和文字, 过去的一切有变历历在目, 尤其在这静的出奇的深夜.  其实我至今都觉得那是一段非常美好的感情, 虽然只维持了半年多, 可是去依然举足轻重, 只是结局并没有期待的美好. 人生若只如初见, 果然是句很令人心疼神伤的话语。


在时间的洪流里, 我们终于还是失去了你我. 成为在一个城市的两个陌生人, 没有上天的机缘, 或许生活在同一座城市也永远不会再相见.


当时写过很多的文字,关于她, 后面不是删了就是改成加密隐藏了, 自己也终究不再去看, 也不希望别人再看到. 如今又贴出她的文字, 也是一时兴起.



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