2012.12.21 Fly from Being to Shanghai

2012.12.21 The last day of the world as expected by the Maya.

I am in Beijing and have stayed here almost one week for the contract of my biggest deal this year. While things is complicated and it seems already out of my control, and even out of my boss’s boss’s boss control.

Monday night, we were three persons to talk about this deal and negotiated with our partner to close the deal within this year. On the next day, one flied back to Hangzhou and another flied back to Shanghai yesterday, letting me alone here to strive for the final result.

Tomorrow is not the last day of the world, but it do be the last day of the deal.


Besides, I will conduct a mock interview with a UCLA students in Beijing, and later fly back to Shanghai late afternoon. If the Maya is right, maybe tomorrow night I would not back to Shanghai, the pilot would  definitely fly to Tibet.


Maybe everyone will remember what they will do tomorrow. Even it is not the end of our world, most of the people, I think, would ”celebrate“ the big day in their own way. I firmly believe most of the people expect this day for such a long time since they saw the movie’ 2012” One of my  friend even take our most of her cash and book a fly to Hongkong tomorrow, she would definitely enjoy the shopping those days.


To me, I will remember this Big Day, even it seems to be a flat Friday!

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