Weekly Update about Anderson MBA life 11/24/2013



My friend told me that she felt so lonely those days that she cried every night when she backed home. Actually, I felt she is the kind of girl that would feel happy everyday and not easy to feel sad and lonely as she seems so happy whenever I see her.

Maybe people perceive me like what I perceive her. I  feel lonely even I am so happy with people when I see and talk with them, but at the end of day, when I back home and stay alone, I will feel lonely time to time. I wouldn’t cry but I would shout or knock the desk, just to release the negative feeling.  

And when you become missing someone, it will even increase your loneliness.


We Run The City 5K. UCLA Vs. USC.

It was my first time to run a race in U.S.,and first time more than 1.5K in running race. ( Although I always run farer than 5K, but have never attended a race more than 1.5K).

Got up early and quick eat the half apple that I haven’t finished eating last night and drove to the park. There are 1386 people registered to attend today’s UCLA Vs. USC race. Felt excited to participate this event.

The excitement was quickly replaced by stomachache after only 1K running……..felt badly about the situation like this…but still continued running…during the 2-3K, I felt so bad that I wanted to give up the running for several times……but it’s so hard to say just give up during the event, so still keeping running and have a quick rest after a couple minutes. For the last 1K, I guess, it was so hard to continued running. Thanks to our section president Ryan, he encouraged me and ran along with me! Sometimes people do need someone to accompany and encourage, rather than alone, to finish the tough time.

Finally I got the 113 out of 1386, top 10%, not too bad?! haha.


NBA: Clipper Vs King

First time to watch NBA games onsite in U.S.. It was a good game and experience. There are downs and ups for both teams. Clipper won the game at the last 2.5 second with just one point above King.

Well the bad things was I gave up my TED ticket (40 USD…oh…sunk cost…you shouldn’t consider it when you made the decision, my DJ professor  would say…). Moreover, I paid 20 bucks for the parking…so expensive. Next time if I still want to go to Staple, I should go earlier and find some cheep place or just street parking for 4 hours.



UCLA & USC SoCal Power Mixer!


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