Magical Place

Bay Area is a magical place, even I just stay here for three weeks….

During the past three weeks, I already met different types of entrepreneurial, one from CSDN, one from DeepGlint, and one from BitAccess. Pretty lucky to talk each of them, one just a coffee talk,  have a dinner together, and one I even started to work with him for some small things.

All I want is just a close look about the YC startup, and how they grow up to a more successful startup. Everything more than 4000 startup apply the YC program and only maybe 80 will be enrolled in the program through a very competitive process. They will have three months to improve the product and expand the business and then will have chance to pitch their company,facing around 450 VC from all over the world. Maybe the big exposure to all those VCs is the major attractive things for most of them. YC will invest 20,000 for 6% of the shares and another 100,000 for 1 percent of the convertible shares( not sure what’s this or I misunderstood it). So actually 120,000 for 7% of the shares in total.

It’s a good place to stay in touch with the most amazing things happening here.

Sometimes I just wonder when will I start my own journey.

P.S. This Saturday, I went to Big Basin for hiking with a girl from GSB. She started to work on her own project in education area. She was really a brave girl, not only for her courage to work on her project, but for the experience when we hiked.

I made a mistake at Saturday and chose a hiking trail with almost 11 or 12 miles. We started to hike like 3pm….and I still didn’t change my hiking plan. I shouldn’t do this if there is another chance. She was so afraid when she realized that we walked almost 3 hours and in the middle of the forest. And maybe we couldn’t walk out of the forest before sunset. She started to walk so fast, even running later. At the last 2 miles, she started to cry as she used up all her energy and couldn’t walk any more. What’s surprise me most was even under such a situation, she made it and she didn’t fully complain about the whole thing. She just went through what we did good and what we did bad. I felt so regret when I looked at her sleeping in my car, I can feel her tiredness from her face.

Thanks very much for not complaining…..

I think she will be very successful as an entrepreneurial.


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