20150719 Berry Creek Falls Loop at Big Basin


1. Meet Time: July 19th, 2015, 11:30am at Big Basin

     P.S. Make sure to arrive on time and leave yourselves some time for parking…it may be difficult to find a parking spot. If you will be late, please let us know when will you arrive.
2. Meet location:Big Basin Redwood store.
     P.S. I think there is only one store in the Big Basin park, you can find the exact address below. 
3. Store Address: 21600 Big Basin Hwy Boulder Creek, CA 95006
4. Contact person: Shoushou/Michael/Monster/寿灿良:424-239-8311, in case you need to call me.
4. Hiking Trail: Dool Train->Sunset Trail->Sunset to Berry Creek Trail-> Golden Cascade->Silver Fall->Berry Creek Fall->skyline to the sea trail.  P.S. It’s a loop trail, and most of the time, the trail is covered by trees. It wouldn’t be very hot even in the afternoon. 
5. Hiking Length: 10.2 miles/16.4K
6. Hiking Duration: Around 4-5 hours, depends on the speed.
7. Carpool: Most people live near Bay Area, so ask for carpool if you don’t have a car or you don’t want to drive. Actually it’s better to carpool,to save money, save waiting time and save parking spot.
8. What to bring:
      – make sure to bring your own lunch.
      – Water, soft drinks
      – snacks
      – Camera
      – phone, make sure your phone has full battery
 9. What to wear:
       Shoes: your daily shoes should be fine, but it’s better to wear your hiking shoes. More comfortable.
       Clothes: No special requirement, but it’s better to wear quick-dry clothes
10. When to back:
      We will back around 5-6pm.
11. Shall we have dinner together?
12. Hiking Map:

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