23 Best Tips to Dramatically reduce your potential exposure to Coronavirus

  1. Stay at home as much as possible, and have few physical contacts with other people. This person may be your neighbor, your friends, or even your loved ones, but for each additional contact, the number of potential contacts will be increased by multiple times.
  2. Please wear a mask whenever you need to leave your home. N95 masks provide the best protection, but if you can’t get them now, any ordinary mask or even any items that would help cover the mouth and nose can effectively reduce the infection rate. The major difference of each mask or other protection method is the infection rate that can be reduced.
  3. If you live in an apartment, you need to wear a mask even when you go to the laundry room or use the elevator. If you have ever smelled smoke or food in the empty elevator, that is the aerosol that floats in the air which is different from droplets. So even if there is no one inside the elevator or on the corridor, there is still aerosol left in the air by the infected person. If the aerosol reaches a certain density, it will start to spread the virus. Besides, most corridors or elevators are not well ventilated, so there is a certain danger.
  4. When wearing a mask, make sure that your breath is filtered through the mask. When you speak, the mask may move around. Please adjust it in time and make sure that your nose is not exposed.
  5. Whenever you are outside, please do not touch your face or nose. Viruses on the mucous membrane will cause infection. If you have the habit of rubbing your eyes and touching your face, please wear gloves. Gloves can effectively remind you that it is not the best time to touch your face.
  6. If you have to go to a crowded place with lots of people, please consider wearing goggles. If someone around you does not wear a mask, the droplets sprayed when they are talking will get into your eyes, which is also dangerous. Usually you do n’t need to buy special medical goggles, any goggles including swimming goggles, ski goggles, daily glasses or sunglasses can block splashing droplets. We don’t need medical goggles, as there will be less chance of being exposed to high density virus infection through the eye.
  7. Reducing the use of delivery services, because the virus can survive on the surface of the object. It could survive up to a couple hours depending on the material. If you use delivery services, please make sure to spray them with alcohol or other disinfectants before taking them into the room and taking off the masks.
  8. Please do not use alcohol spray to clean your masks, or any other “special” methods. A lot of experiments show that microwaves, ovens, and alcohol will cause damage to the protective layer of the mask, which is the core for protection. It’s important to save masks now, so please place the masks on the balcony or other ventilated place, dry it for one day, then you can wear it again. The N95 masks will last longer than other ordinary masks. If you feel your N95 mask blocks your breath, then maybe it’s time to replace it with a new N95 mask.
  9. Some N95 masks have a breathing valve, which is a one way valve. If you have any suspicious symptoms, please avoid using a mask with a breathing valve, as your breath will go directly into the air without any filtering, which may be dangerous to your loved one or friends around you.
  1. Wear the face mask all the time when you are outside and do not take it off, even inside your car. If you have your own parking garage, you can put your mask on after arriving at your destination and take it off when you are back home. If you park at a public garage, you need to put it on before you leave your house and take it off when you are at home.
  2. Please wash your hands before taking off the mask, goggles and gloves, and do not touch the contaminated surface. To be more careful, you can wash your hands, every time you take off one item.
  3. Please change the clothes and shoes when you are back home, and clean them, or place them in a ventilated place.
  4. Do not directly touch any button or handles in public areas. If you have to, please wash your hands as soon as possible. It’s better to use a key, your elbow, or carry a pen to press the button.
  5. If you have ever been to a high-risk area such as a hospital, don’t forget to clean your hair when you are back home.
  6. Do not spray a wide range of disinfectants especially alcohol at home. It’s unnecessary, and would be dangerous.
  7. If you are unable to purchase alcohol, please see if you can buy high alcohol liqueur (over 65%) like GRAFSKAYA VODKA.
  1. Please try to avoid using the public restroom.

If there is any infection case nearby, in your community or building. Please follow the rules as below:

  1. Self-quarantine for 14 days is a relatively safe period. In China, you will be required to quarantine at home or at a quarantine site for 14 days. During these 14 days, try not to have any physical contact with anyone.
  2. Check your temperature regularly to see whether you have a fever, or have trouble breathing. If you have trouble breathing, you should call your doctor and go to ER immediately.
  3. If you live in an apartment, immediately contact the leasing office and request disinfection for the public area.
  4. If you live in an apartment, you need to pay special attention to the potential virus spread by sewers, which happened in SARS in Hong Kong(2003), and COVID-19 in South Korea and Mainland China (2020). If there are any infrequently used pools and drains in your home, please pour 1-2 liters of water regularly 2-3 times per week. The bent pipe structure of the sewer will pass through the accumulated water and block the air in the sewer from entering the house, but if it is not used for a long time, the water accumulated in the elbow will be evaporated and dry up, and lose its blocking effect.
  5. When flushing the toilet, please close the toilet cover and flush. If there are disinfected effervescent tablets, you can put 2 tablets and wait for a while before flushing.
  6. If you need to use the public laundry room, please wipe the buttons and other areas that you may touch, and then add disinfectant when washing clothes.

COVID-19 is highly transmissible, and there are many infection cases of short-period contact or even without direct contact in China. However, COVID-19 is also absolutely preventable and controllable. There are almost 40,000 medical workers from all around China to support Hubei Province, and over 30,000 to support Wuhan. As far as I know, none or few of those medical workers were infected as they have enough protection and are well-prepared when they went to Hubei Province.

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  1. 尽可能多的待在家里,尽量少的和其他人接触,可能这个人是你的邻居,你的朋友,甚至你的亲人,但每多接触一个人,你潜在接触的人数就会成几何倍增加
  1. 戴上口罩,任何时候你需要离开房间,请带好口罩,N95口罩可以起到最好的防护作用,但如果无法买到,任何普通口罩,甚至任何物品阻挡口鼻,都可以有效降低感染率,只是可以降低的百分比不同
  1. 如果你居住的是公寓,即使去洗衣房和电梯都需要佩戴口罩;如果你之前有在空无一人的电梯中闻到过烟味或食物的味道,那是气溶胶;气溶胶不同于飞沫,它会悬浮在空气中,所以即使你进入电梯、走廊的时候里面一个人也没有,空气中也可能存在感染者留下的气溶胶,而这个气溶胶达到一定浓度的条件下是可以传染病毒的,大多数走廊或电梯的通风都不好,所以具有一定危险
  1. 戴口罩的时候,请确保你的呼吸的气体都是经过口罩过滤,在你说话的时候,口罩可能会移动,请及时调整,务必不要使鼻部暴露在外面
  1. 在外面活动时,请务必不要摸你的五官,粘膜接触病毒会导致感染,如果你有揉眼睛、摸脸等习惯,请戴上手套,手套可以有效提醒你,现在不是摸脸的时候
  1. 如果一定需要去人群密集的地方,可以考虑佩戴护目镜,如果身边有人没有佩戴口罩,说话的时候喷出的飞沫碰到眼睛会具有一定危险性,通常你不需要特别购买护目镜,泳镜,滑雪镜,或者普通的眼镜墨镜都可以阻挡喷溅的飞沫,而普通人生活的环境通常不需要考虑高浓度病毒透过眼部感染,所以无需医院的专业护目镜.
  2. 减少外卖,快递等递送服务的使用,病毒可以在物体表面存活,存活时间长短根据材料不同,而不等,但都是数小时以上。如果一定需要这些服务,请确保拿进房间脱下口罩之前,用酒精或其他消毒剂喷洒,静止几分钟之后,再打开
  1. 请不要使用酒精喷洒口罩消毒,也不要使用其他“特别”的方式,已经做过大量实验,微波炉,烤箱,酒精都会导致口罩防护层的破坏,失去应有的防护作用。节约使用口罩当前是很重要的,所以每次回家之后,将口罩放置在窗口阳台或其余通风处,晾晒1天,可再次佩戴。如果你使用N95口罩,重复使用的时间会长于普通口罩,如果你觉得戴上N95口罩后,呼吸明显受阻,说明你需要更换新的N95口罩
  1. 部份N95口罩有呼吸阀,呼吸阀对于健康人无任何影响,如果你有任何可疑症状,请避免使用带有呼吸阀的口罩,因为呼气时,气体会不过滤直接排入空气中,这可能危害你的亲人和周围人的身体健康
  1. 外出时需全程佩戴口罩,并且不要取下,包括车内。如果你的停车位置为自家车库,可以驾驶到目的地后再带上,返回家中后取下,如果停车位置为公共车库,则需要出家门前带上,回家后再取下
  1. 脱取口罩(护目镜,手套)的时候请洗手后再操作,不要接触污染面,并且,谨慎的态度应该是,每脱取一样物品,重新洗一次手,再进行下一步操作
  1. 回家后请更换外出穿过的衣服和鞋子,更换清洗,或放置于通风处
  1. 不要直接用手接触任何公共区域按钮把手,如果一定要接触,请务必尽快洗手,使用钥匙,手肘,或者随身携带一只笔按按钮,是一个不错的方式
  1. 如果去过医院等高危险区域,请不要忘记清洁头发
  1. 不要在家里喷洒大范围消毒剂,特别是酒精,没有必要,且存在一定危险
  1. 如果你无法购买到酒精,请看看是否可以购买到GRAFSKAYA VODKA一类的高度酒(浓度高于65%)代替;
  1. 请尽量避免使用公共场所的卫生间


  1. 自我隔离,14天是一个比较安全的期限,在中国,会要求强制隔离在家或者在隔离点隔离14天,在这14天内,尽量不要和其他人接触
  1. 检测自己的体温,是否出现发烧,是否存在呼吸困难的情况。中国专家给留学生的建议是如果你出现呼吸困难,应该立即前往ER
  1. 如果居住在公寓,立刻联系公寓管理方要求进行公共区域消杀。
  1. 如果居住在公寓,需要特别注意下水道传播,2003年SARS在香港,COVID-19本次在韩国,中国大陆都出现过下水道导致的社区传播。如果家中有任何不常使用的水池,下水口,请定期(一周2-3次)倒入1-2升水,下水道的弯管结构会通过积水,阻挡下水道中的气体进入屋内,但如果长期不使用,弯管的积水会蒸发,干涸,失去阻挡作用。
  1. 冲洗马桶时,请关闭马桶盖后冲水,如果有消毒泡腾片,可以放2片后稍等片刻再冲水
  1. 洗衣房洗衣服,请用消毒液先擦拭按钮等手部会接触的位置,然后洗衣服时加入消毒液.


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