First Interview UCLA-2013.1.10

2013.1.10 00:30 Skype

Finally it comes my first interview from UCLA: Exciting and nervous.

My interviewer was a year2 MBA student from Thailand, while she spent many years in U.S. as she got her bachelor degree in University of South California and worked for PwC for several years.


The interview process was normal. After a warm-up conversation, she introduced the interview process which included 20m interview and 10m question to her. She was a very warm and easy-going women( yeap, I guess most of the interviewers are warm and friendly, at least they seems to, you know.) 


Some question for the interview:

1. Go through your resume.

2. Why UCLA ( Just stated why mba, why  now, why UCLA together..)

3. What’s your goal for 5-10 years. ( Short term and long term)

4. Leadership story and what you think could improve? ( ZJ tobacco case)

5. What will you involve in the community. ( HTBA, EA and C4C clubs)

6. How do you build the relationship with others. ( Conflict Managment- Inside sales)

6. Q&A. (She briefly introduced her background)


It was a happy and relax conversation, and I hope it will be a good ending.

Howerver, there is still something that could done better.


2. Why UCLA, I could talk about more detailed about the resource and course in UCLA. I mentioned Entrepreneurial focus, technology reputation, location, and Students and professors. Well it was OK, but seemed a little too general, could be more specific next time.

3. If she asked me about my long-term goal. I could stated the long-term goal firstly, then I could explain what was my short-term in order to reach the LG. Howerver, I stated my SG, then LG, which, I am afraid, would let her think that I just recited my prepared materials.

4. Leadership stories and improvement. I did stated the story about ZJ tobacco. While I may not clearly explain what I could improve as it seemed like a great achivement and happy ending. So the learning for improvement seemed a little weak.

5. I stated about the clubs I will involve and gonna to participate the renowned Knapp Venture Competition with good business plan. Is there anything I could add or improvement.

6. Build relationship. I stated about a story about how to manage conflict and build trust within the team. While it was OK. But actully, I could stated two stories, one about building trust with my college, and another about building relationship with customer with high business integrity. That’ s something I should add and improve.


Generall speaking, it was a friendly talk and I was not  sure about the result, but I do wish I can win the ticket, then my Spring Festival will be a celebratation. Otherwise… I gonna drop in the deep ocean of willies and worry.


P.S. I drank a Red Bull before my interview at about PM 11:00. The result was I couldn‘t fall asleep even at am 3:00. I got up and watched a movie” War Horse” and fell asleep till the morning about 5:30…. It was a tired night. I got up after 11:00 this morning and help polish the UCLA essay for one of my friend till PM 1:20…and visited a customer after the lunch at KFC near my apartment….I do feel I become the “ Monster” again those days…….

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