Second Interview:UT Austin McCombs 2013.1.12

11:00 AM Coffee Bar@Shanghai with Interviewer Ariel


Ariel came to me after her first interview this morning and I could find her nice and sincerity at the first sight. She must be a hardworking professional women as there was already white hair, or maybe it was just gene. I do appreciate she could spend her weekend to conduct the interview for me.

There was a relax and happy conversation about the travelling experience between us before the formal interview  as she jsut came from Cambodia. For the formal interview question as below:

0. ( No Go through the resume, I guess she already read my resume as she printed my resume)

1. Why MBA at this moment?

2. What do you want to do after graduation?

3. What are you passionate about?

4. What kind of colleage do you like? quality?

5. Your understanding about Leadership?

6. How do you manage the conflict with study group member if they just ignore you?

7. What do you do that exceed your expectation?( Achievement)

8. How do you build the relationship with others?

9. Share me something about the local product vendor?

10. How do you compete with the local partners as they will offer low price and still good product?

11. In the 5-10 ten years, the local vendor will improve their product and maybe even the same as you, how do you suggest the market strategy for that moment?

12.  Why UT Austin?

13. The most rewarding thing from your job and most frustrating aspect.

14. Give me some words to describe yourself.

15. The weakness in your application.

16. The strength/ the reason that UT AT Austin should offer you the ticket.

17. Your contribution to UT Austin community in and after graduation.

18. Your start-up experience?

19. Why you choose to IBM after two year’s management trainee at Oracle?



It was a long conversation with almost 100 minutes, not a tough and long interview as I think the process for this interview sounded like a long and deep conversation with my interviewer. She also shared with me her experience and understanding about MBA at Austin, both the positive and negative aspects of MBA study.


Well, long interview doesn’t equal to good interview….as I must said lots of silly answers or words during this long conversation. When you became a talk, maybe you couldn’t mistake it as a real conversation, you still should think seriously before you speak out.


For example: I said my biggest weakness was my spoken English, though she thought my oral English was good, not a problem.  I should choose something like I am lack of oversea study experience…..I will be a very good answer to this question….I must be shot at that moment… Hope it will not hurt my application.


While now, Cross figers and wait for the firecracker!

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