MBA Internship-First Day

Technically, it’s the first day not only for my MBA summer internship, but also in my whole academic and professional experience. Yes…you may wonder…but it’s true…I didn’t do a very formal internship in my college…sound I guess everyone or at least most of the students would do a formal internship.

I slept very well although it was the first night after I moved in…yup…I just moved to the house at San Jose yesterday afternoon.

Get up early, some time around 7:20. Put on my suit again. Dress code…business casual…so I left my tie.

Make the breakfast for myself…cooked an egg, got orange juice…a nice morning…actually I haven’t cooked for almost half year. Well…I have to say….I made a pretty good breakfast…mixed with egg, bacon, cheese and vegetables.

Set off on the high way in my car, more than a little traffic……it almost took me 45 minute to get to the office in Sunnyvale…I made a wrong turn when I try to turn into another high way…there are too much turns for the route I chose today.

Took a photo and got my badge at the main lobby and then went to the ESP product marketing floor with my manager. We have 5 interns for the team and would stay in a room for the coming 10 weeks. I was the last intern to be onboard.

A brief introduction to everyone in the team when we walked to the “Intern Room”, actually I almost forget all of them just  10 minutes later as we just said a “hi” or “hello” to each other. Maybe I will find some time to introduce myself to them one by one in the coming weeks and get t know them better. Be ready to proactively reach out to people, don’t be afraid to be refused.

Get my PC, bag, mouse, pen, book….such a familiar feeling when I got the computer bag. Later try to set up most of the accounts.

Get my I-94 check done. Checked!

Apply the gym membership..but not sure how much time I would spend there.

Talked with hiring manager about the project I would do in the summer and send several follow-up emails. Right before ending the first day, just talked with another intern from cross team( Strategy).

Not bad for the first day.

Need to quickly set up everything and figure out what I could do in the summer.

Let’s see what would happen for the next ten weeks!

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