2014 MBA Intern W2D2

In the morning,

Meeting with two product marketing managers for two different product at the ESP group. Both of them give me a good introduction and discussion about the product and the marketing from a product marketing manager perspective.

One product marketing manager even gave a whiteboard presentation about the product, what problem the product address for each step. It really helped me a lot understand the product. Very cool! One product marketing manager sent me a email to provide me lots of information about the product in a very organized way…I can felt, at least, he spent some time sending me the email.

In the noon, we have a group meeting with the digital marketing team for almost 2 hours, it’s their quarterly review meeting, and go through every piece of the digital marketing during the past quarter.

In the afternoon, I attended the scheduled meeting with the Global Head of Product Management and Operation of one product. It’s one of the best things you can do when you do you internship at the headquarter in U.S. You can reach out to people in high level and talk with them, and learn from them. Those people they don’t refuse to talk to you if they have the time.

After work, I went to the Gym nearby and worked out for almost 1.5 hours in the gym and then grabbed some Chinese food on may way back home.

At 8pm, it was almost close to sunset, I drove with my roommate to enjoy the sunset. It turned out that I didn’t choose a good place for the sunset. I will find a good place for sunset this week.




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