2014 MBA Intern W1D4


Traffic is so bad everyday……it took me 1 hour to get to Sunnyvale office. I have to deal with traffic for 10 weeks…..need to get up so early everyday.

Today, I spent most of my time looking at the Gartner Magic Quadrants report, and try to understand the market, competitive landscape for each ESP product.  Frankly speaking, I still haven’t figure out what exactly those products, and their functions. I may need to spend more time on the product knowledge before I start to call customer and get some filed information about the product,channel and the market.

I felt a little noisy today as we five interns sat at the same meeting room and will stay at the same room for the whole 10 weeks. People would listen to music, talk to each other.Sometimes I just can not pay attention on the document I was reading when people were chatting around me.

The good news was I went to play basketball in the gym. It was my first time to play basketball since I came to U.S. Yup…before that..I played a little while after the 1st year played with 2nd year students at spring quarter.…..

Tomorrow I need to get up almost at 6am and leave around 6:30 and arrive before 7:30 to attend the all hands meeting.

So early……feel tired….

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