2014 MBA Intern W2D3

Drive to another Sunnyvale office today to attend the “Welcome Intern Event”. It looked like just gather all the interns at Sunnyvale office and gave a brief introduction about the company. It’s not bad, but I think they could do much better. The meeting was scheduled for 2 hours but it turned out to be just 45 minutes. There was not too much content from the presentation.

Back to office and had a call with the Service Marketing manager in Atalanta, just want to catch up and introduce myself, and different people within the organization. She was pretty nice and shared with me some information, even help connect with the Head of the Service team JPA in HK.

Lunched withe Anderson alumni at Mountain View. A nice place for lunch and happy conversation!

In the afternoon, I just send a email to my manager and requested a mentor! And…I got One and will had lunch with him! Actually already talked with him, and found him pretty good to be a mentor. One of the best candidate in my mind.

I also talked with another product marketing manager in the group. He also gave me a whiteboard presentation,  and shared with me his personal blog about product management and marketing, etc.

Went to play basketball after work for almost 2 hours. Really enjoyed today!!!

But I am a little behind my project, for the past week and this week, I spent most of my time talking to different people and started to reach out people in China and collect some information.

While if I do want to do something, actually there are still lots things that I can do in the ten weeks….just need lots time…10 weeks really go too fast..



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