2014 MBA Intern W2D4

ESP team held a team building event to welcome the interns, actually just for the product marketing interns. We headed to play Bocce Ball in the morning and enjoyed our lunch there. It was a pretty fun place and it was also my first time to play Bocce Ball! It was also a great place to play with teammate and know more people in the group. I already schedule lunch time with a new guy I met today.

When we backed to office, it was almost 2pm. I even forgot about what I did in the afternoon…I think I just checked some email, sent some email, schedule the time for lunch, and read some customer reference about the product.

Dinner with a friend, who just moved to Bay Area this month after her husband transferred from China to U.S. Actually we haven’t meet for almost  four years since last time we met at Shanghai. It’s cool to re-connect people in a new environment.

Almost two week….maybe need to speed up the project….haven’t done any customer/partner/ interview yet.

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